World Veterinary Day observed at ICAR-NRC on Pig

ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig, Rani, Guwahati, celebrated the World Veterinary Day on 30th April, 2016 in the village Batabari adopted by the Institute for all round development in the piggery sector. In order to commemorate the theme this year, "Continuing education with a one health focus" of World Veterinary Day which is being observed worldwide, one animal health camp was organized with vaccination programme for pigs against classical swine fever, the disease which causes total loss of revenue of poor farmers. In addition, some of the essential medicines and feed supplements for pigs were also distributed to the farmers. All the scientists and technical staffs actively participated in the programme. The Director of the institute, Dr. Dilip Kumar Sarma emphasized in his speech about the importance of human health and hygiene through prevention of communicable diseases of pig origin. He advised the farmers to come with scientific pig husbandry practices by providing good housing, nutrition and sanitary measures. During the interactive session of farmers, mostly the women folk with scientists of the institute, Dr. M.K Tamuli, Principal Scientist of the Institute pointed out the advantage and importance of Artificial Insemination to prevent communicable coital diseases in pigs for healthier and improved pig production. The day ended with commitment from the farmers for hygienic pig production in their village.
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