Tender for Equipment under MOFPI_19.12.2016
Tender for Equipment's under Institute_19.12.2016
Extension of Date for Submission of Tender for Security Contract
Security tender will opened on 26.11.16
Tender for Scientific Equipments_03.12.2016
Tender for LED Street Light on Buy Back Basis
Security Service Tender 2016-17
Tender Notice For Office Stationaries (7th Nov'2016)
Corrigendum-Tender for Equipment- 03.11.2016
Tender for Stall, Refreshment (Pig Expo)
Tender for Equipment- 03.11.2016
Tender Notice For Stationery Item
Tender for Feed Ingredients
Tender for scientific equipements (retender)
Tender for Equipment's 2016-17-12.08.2016
Corrigendum Notice for Pre-Bid discussion for job contract service
Tender for Job Contracts on 15.07.16
Tender for feed ingredients on 08.07.16
Reschedule date of opening Tender of Feed & Job Contract on 22.06.16
Tender Notice for Job Contract(18.06.16)
Tender Notice for Feed Ingredients (18.06.16)
Rate Contract for garden maintenence on 03.06.16
Rate Contract for Stationery Items
Rate Contract /Tender Enquiry for Cartridges, Toners & Fax Rolls
Quotation / Proposal for Security Services
Rate Contract 2016-17
Rate Contract for Vehicle
Rate Contract for Garden Maintenence
Tender for Slaughter Equipments
Tender for AMC of Computer and LAN
Extension of Tender
Tender for UPS Batteries
Tender for Air Conditioners
Tender Notice for Equipment
Auction of Old Vehicle
Rate contract for Chemicals, Glasswares, Plasticwares services extended upto 30.03.2016
Tender for Equipments 2015-16
Tender for Equipments (Retender/Extension)_27.08.15
Tender extension notice for supply of Plastic Ear Tag & suitable applicator for Pig
Revised Tender for Equip 2015-16 (10.08.15)
Corrigendum Notice of the Equipment Tender 2015-16
Tender for FEED 2015-16 (12.08.15)
Tender for Equipment 2015-16 (10-08-2015)
Expression of Interest (EOI) for the different types of Construction works-28.05.2015
Invitation for expression of Interest (Construction Works)
Extension of Tender Rate Contract for Stationary Items
Tender Enquiry- "Cartridges,Toners & Fax Rolls for office, Printers, Photocopier & Fax Machine
Rate Contract 2014-15 (Approved firms)
Tender Date extended for Electroporator
Tender Notice “Equipment”_20.10.14
Tender enquiry for Refilling of Fire Extinguisher
Tender enquiry for Rate Contract for Chemicals, Glassware, services, etc
Tender enquiry for AMC of Genset
Tender enquiry for AMC for Computers, UPS, LAN
Tender document for Scientific Equipments 22.04.14 (Corrigendum)
Tender document for Scientific Equipments 22.04.14
Extension of Last date of tender notice
Tender document for Pig feed ingredients
Tender enquiry for AMC for Computers and Peripherals
Tender document for feed on ingredients on 27.12.13
Tender for Equipments (1) 23.12.13
Tender for Equipments (1) 23.12.13
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