Pig slaughter house cum pork processing plant of National Research Centre on Pig is undertaking Research and Training in the area of clean pork production to ensure 1) 'Farm to Fork' quality of pork and pork products for providing wholesome and clean meat to the consumers, 2) development and codification of procedures for value addition/packaging/transportation and marketing of pork and pork products and 3) consumption chain research for domestic and export market tapping. In order to meet the quality requirements and to undertake the brand building activity of the final marketable products, the unit has adopted Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) procedures (certificate number - 4-14/2011-QAM/Cert 003-3 dated 24-12-2012) for processing of fresh meat as well as value added pork products. The unit has already obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification (certificate number - 1100263 dated 14-01-2013) and Food Safety Standards Authority of India License (license number -10312001000151 dated 18-06-2012).

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