About ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig
The ICAR-National Research Centre (NRC) on Pig, Rani, Guwahati, Assam, an institute under Indian Council of Agricultural Research, has developed various technologies for scientific pig rearing and pork product development, many of which have been commercialised.
The institute, under the umbrella of Indian Council of Agricultural Research is engaged in research on all aspects of pig production, health and product processing. The institute has developed technologies for establishment of pig farms (small, medium to large scale), artificial insemination in pigs, innovative feeding practices, health management protocols, pork production including slaughter operations and pork product development.

The institute is highly solicited by the entrepreneurs, especially venture capitalists for development of pork based products and by small, medium and large pig farmers for livelihood.

The increased outreach of the products commercialized directly under the brand name Luit pork and under private entrepreneurship through a non-exclusive licensing-Choice Pork across the states of NE region has increased the consumer and awareness of prospective entrepreneurs from different parts of the country.

The high demand for pork and pork based products, has prompted many entrepreneurs across the country to invest and develop to a large scale pig farms and product processing units.

The institute has developed linkages with business organizations such as CII, FICCI, FINER along with funding agencies, entrepreneurship training institutes in the NE regions (National Institute of Entrepreneurship, Meghalaya institute of Entrepreneurship etc) CAU, Assam Agricultural University, North Eastern Council and other sister institutes of ICAR.
For more details about the institute and activities please see website: www.nrcp.in
Location of the institute
The institute is located 11km from the Guwahati airport and 40 km from the heart of the Guwahati city and is well connected through air, road and rail.

Support through Agri-Business Incubation centre (ABI)

What is ABI ?

ABI is an innovative system designed to assist entrepreneurs in the development of new technology based start-up business.


Specific objectives of ABI are

To promote piggery based entrepreneurs using innovations, knowhow and technologies developed by ICAR-NRC on Pig
ii. To identify potential entrepreneurs, translate promising business ideas and innovations to build a successful entrepreneurs
iii. To act as single window for commercialization of piggery based technologies developed by ICAR-NRC on Pig
iv. To enhance entrepreneurship skill among various stakeholder
v. Feedback generation for continuous improvement and development of novel products, technologies and promotion of innovation.

Role of Business Incubators ?
Business Incubators provides an attractive framework to entrepreneurs (referred to as incubatee/client) for dealing with the difficulties faced during start-up stage. Business Incubators help in creating the links that connects incubatees with public and private sector, and help in attaining its sustainability and scalability. In general, business incubators provide the following support (single window approach) for a start-up:
• Scientific and technical backstopping
• Technology transfer
• Business plan preparation and marketing consultancy
• Infrastructural facilities like office space, conference rooms, communications
• R&D lab space
• Mentoring assistance
• Access to funding agencies, angel investors, venture capitalists, crowd-sourcing etc
• Training to incubatee and skill development
• Promotional support through exhibitions, conventions, workshops etc
• Operational costs reduction
• Networking with Industry, Research bodies, Commerce chambers, Government
• Guidance on Government regulation and licensing
• IPR management

Strength of ABI

Increasing demand for pork based products and identification of piggery both as a potential source of livelihood and large scale investment across the country will be the strength for the ABI.

1. Basket of technologies having potential for incubation/commercialization
Technologies available

• Production of emulsion based pork products.
• Production of shelf stable retort processed pork products.
• Superior germplasm- Two varieties of pigs with improved growth rate and
• Production of products from pig hair fibre.
• Chelated mineral mixture for supplementation of animal feeds.
• Development of breeding station for boars- Collection, processing and preservation of boar semen for artificial insemination.

2. Package of value added services offered to start-ups/ tenants (mentoring, business advisory, fund raising, patenting etc.)
The institute will provide assistance in:
• Establishment of breeder and finisher pig farms.
• Feed formulation for different categories of pigs
• Establishment of pig slaughter house & pork product processing plant.
• Establishment of pig feed processing plant.
• Establishment of pig hair processing unit.
• Environment management plan in pig farm.
• Providing necessary guidance for obtaining legal requirements such as FSSAI, APEDA licenses that are mandatory for food products.
• Assistance in providing guidelines for export of meat products to other countries.
• Assistance in protection of IP through patenting and trademarks.
• Preparation of project proposals for prospective funding.
• Networking with public sector, private and cooperative banks, NEDFI and angel investments.
• Assistance in establishment of cooperatives and producer companies.
• Mentoring and business guidance for establishment of pig farms, slaughter houses, meat product production, legal requirements, marketing, funding support including technical guidance on equipment and machinery.

Support through Agri-Business Incubation centre (ABI)

Does the institute charge for technology transfer and services of ABI? Do I need to sign an MoU?
Yes, all the services rendered by ABI to clients/incubatees are chargeable and rendered on payment basis by the institute. The institute will charge fees for providing services and the services will be rendered after signature of MoUs with the institute.
More detailed guidelines on technology commercialisation/ consultancy by ICAR can be found in the link:

Expression of interest
Expression of interest is invited from progressive entrepreneurs and farmers who would like to utilize technologies developed by this institute on commercial basis. Director, ICAR-NRC on Pig invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from persons/organisations/SHG/NGO/Registered Societies interested in starting, diversifying and up-scaling of pig farms and manufacture of various products on commercial scale.

Email: mohan.icar@gmail.com, thomasrlpt@gmail.com and nrconpig@rediffmail.com
Phone: 0361-2847195

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